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              Medium-speed Filling machine(double Head)
              Can-up and horizontal transmitting is controlled by servo and pneumatic system, be more accurate, more speed;
              Servo motor and servo drive control the screw, keep stable and accurate;
              Stainless steel structure, split hopper with polishing inner-out make it to cleaned easily;
              PLC & touch screen make it be easy of operation;
              Fast-respond weighing system make the strongpoint to real;
              The hand wheel make the exchange of different fillings to be easily;
              Dust-collecting cover meet the pipeline and protect environment to pollution;
              Horizontal straight design make the machine in little area;
              Settled screw setup make no metal pollution in producing;
              Process: can-into →can-up →vibration →filling →vibration→ vibration→ weighing &tracing →reinforce →weight checking →can-out;
              With whole system central control system.

              Model            BYD-QZ-24
              Dosing mode      Dual filler filling with online weighing
              Filling Weight   100 - 2000g
              Container Size   Φ60-135mm; H 60-260mm
              Filling Accuracy   100-500g, ≤±1g; ≥500g,≤±2g
              Filling Speed      Above 50 cans/min(#502),Above 55cans/min(#300~#401)
              Power Supply        3P  AC208-415V   50/60Hz
              Total Power         3.3 KW
              Total Weight        450kg
              Air Supply          6kg/cm  0.3cbm/min
              Overall Dimension   2650×1000×2300mm
              Hopper Volume       50L(Main) 35L (Assist)
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